Need This New Invention? A 3D Model Of Your Fetus

For most people having a baby is one of the most wondrous and miraculous events in their lives. Now people can really get up close and personal with their baby before it is born by ordering a 3D print of their fetus. Is it cool? Is it3D Printed Fetus (You Tube Image)3D Printed Fetus (You Tube Image) disturbing? It is apparently up to the taste of the couple considering making the product. They sell for between $200 and $600 depending on the size you choose.

A new company called 3D Babies is offering an early peek at your bundle of joy and being able to hold said joy in your arms -- or hands. There are three different sizes to choose from and three different colors to choose from. The company makes use of the sonograms made of your fetus to create a replica. This technology allows them to make a model that actually includes the features and appearance of the baby,

I3D Printed Fetus (You Tube Image)3D Printed Fetus (You Tube Image)f you have the bucks, sending the mini size (2 inches) could make for a really strange way to announce that you are expecting.  And what a great way to creep out your mother-in-law. Just think of how gross that same baby will think it is when you give it to them on their 18th birthday! It is something to get creative with, anyway. 

There are some famous people who have sent away for their own 3D model of their fetus. This hall of fame includes celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. They had a model made of their precious North West. Not exactly the endorsement that some would look to in making a decision, but perhaps time will bring a celebrity fetus with a relatively normal name that isn't going to be in therapy for decades.3D Printed Fetus (via 3D Babies)3D Printed Fetus (via 3D Babies)

Each fetal form comes packed in a silk lined box that purposely does NOT look like a coffin. Naturally, since it is a fetus, it is naked so everything is visible. EVERYTHING. So you will be able to see how proud your son can be of his little starter package. 

All joking aside, the 3D printed fetus is meant to be a memento of your baby's gestation period to be kept at a sort of family heirloom. It may not be the sort of thing you would keep on the mantle, but perhaps in the baby's room until the real thing arrives. For those among us who are sentimental this could be just the thing to help celebrate your child right from before the start.

If you are interested in purchasing your own fetus, first of all congratulations, and then, click here.

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