Need This New Invention? Bloody Bath Mat

April Fool's Day is not far off and the time for preparing your practical jokes for the day is afoot. This way cool bathmat may be just the thing to freak out your significant other or houseguests. While they are in the shower you just sneak in and switch out that boring plain white bathmat with the Bloody Bathmat -- one covered with bloody footprints and directional blood spatter. Then you just wait for the screams.

Bloody Bath MatBloody Bath Mat

You can use this mat for a number of different situations -- including just as a bathmat. This creepy bath accessory is a great gift idea for your friends or family member who is totally into crime investigation shows like CSI and NCIS -- and possibly even shows that have real names, not just initials. Or a great gag gift for someone in law enforcement. Perhaps you are just someone who would like to decorate your bathroom this way -- at least while your mother-in-law is in town.

Bloody Bath Mat -- NOT Water ActivatedBloody Bath Mat -- NOT Water Activated

You may have seen a photo of this bathmat making the rounds on the internet as shown above. This is NOT correct. The mat is printed with the bloody prints -- it does not turn red when wet. Of course, you believe in everything you see on the internet, right? On the other hand, how totally cool this would be if that was really the case? 

Bloody Bath MatBloody Bath Mat

Now, you can have the bathmat as a signature piece in your bathroom's decor, or you can be really sick and weird (my kind of people) and go for the whole bloody enchilada and buy the other related items -- the shower curtain, the hand towels, window/mirror clings, and even Blood Bath shower gel that comes in a transfusion bag,  All of this would also be great for that most awesome ever Halloween party that you have always dreamed of throwing. 

You can order your own Bloody Bath Mat by clicking here.

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