Need This New Invention? A Cup Holder For Your Umbrella

Whether you call them umbrellas, brollies, or bumbershoots, this canopy to protect us from the rain has one significant problem -- it uses up one of our hands. This means that you have to choose between holding on to Morello -- The Umbrella Cup Holder (Image via Facebook)Morello -- The Umbrella Cup Holder (Image via Facebook)your cuppa joe or your cell phone, or your glass of beer and your sweetie's hand. Worry not! The answer is on the way! It is called Morella and it is a cup holder that attaches to the handle of your umbrella.

We are a world of drinkers -- from that latté or cappuccino that we can't resist, to that beer or soda to wet our whistle at a sporting event, to that yummy smoothie on the go. We want to have a little something with us a great deal of the time. I have a water bottle with me so much of the time that my fanny pack has a cup holder for it.

Now, thanks to a couple of regular guys from England a very special cup holder is trying to make its way into the marketplace. It all started with Ross Malcolm, a rainy afternoon with an umbrella, and the beer he lost while Morello -- The Umbrella Cup Holder (Image via Facebook)Morello -- The Umbrella Cup Holder (Image via Facebook)trying to call his girlfriend. It was one of those "aha!" moments that you have heard about.

Malcolm and his friend, Andy Tan, started working on the problem and after two years and six prototypes they have come up with a cup holder that can attach to almost any umbrella handle. It pivots as you move to help keep your drink upright in any storm -- or group of rabid football fans.

Now they have posted their gadget, named Morella, on Kickstarter in hopes of attracting enough crowd-funding to put it into production. It really is an odd sort of product -- weird, even -- but it has a ton of potential. It would make a great product for printing with sports team or corporate logos for promotional use. They have already come up with patriotic designs depicting both the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes (what? no maple leaf?) so they are ready for all of those historic holidays.

The Morella comes in two basic styles -- one cup and two cup holders. One of the coolest things about this device is that when you need to fold up your umbrella and hold it the other way you don't need to lift a finger. The pivot just above the center of gravity holds your drinks level as the umbrella moves. So even then you aren't going to lose your lovely liquid refreshment. Oh, heck, why limit it to liquids? Take a cup with dog treats in it to go walkies with your precious pooch. Perhaps you could fill a cup with pretzels for one side to compliment that beer on the other.

Malcolm and Tan put their hearts into this project -- or as they put it their "blood, sweat, and beers." If you wouldMorello -- The Umbrella Cup Holder (Image via Facebook)Morello -- The Umbrella Cup Holder (Image via Facebook) like to be a part of their future success, click here. Donations will need to be made in pounds rather than dollars, so you may need to ask them or your financial institution how to handle donations made from countries outside of the U.K.

Now, I do still have a question for the guys. Will this work on a cane too? That way the older set can make sure that their double mocha latte espresso decaf with extra whipped cream and sprinkles thingy is always close at hand even when it isn't raining. Or for a pair of crutches for the injury impaired? There are so many possibilities out there!

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