Need This New Invention? Expedition Shoe Lights

There nothing quite as alluring as the idea of going off to explore. Not all of your exploring is going to happen in well-lit areas or during the day. So National Geographic and Uncle Milton came up with these totally cool Expedition Shoe Lights Just snap them on to almost any kind of shoe and away you go -- checking out new territory.

 Expedition Shoe LightsExpedition Shoe Lights

From rocky arroyos, to dense forest floor, to moonlit desert, exploring can be just a bit clearer and more interesting if you can really see what it ahead. While these lights are recommended for kids from 5 to 15, I could see a lot of adults getting a kick out of these.

Expedition Shoe LightsExpedition Shoe Lights

They could be used to take the dog out for a late night potty break, taking out the trash, spooking kids on Halloween, or just scaring the crap out of the cat. I know that I would have loved a pair on numerous camping trips when I had to plod through the night to get to the latrine -- or a distant tree in lieu thereof. It reminds me of the night a skunk and I scared each other in Colorado National Monument. Fortunately for everyone in the campground the little stinker took it in its stride and just wandered off.

Expedition Shoe LightsExpedition Shoe Lights

There are two modes of lighting -- Night View and Path Finder. With Night View you have some really cool and stealthy red lights. With Path Finder you have bright white lights to light the way. With either mode the lights adjust to nine different positions to allow you to adapt to your specific trek. The lights are LEDs which will help make those six AAA batteries last just a little longer than they would otherwise.

How would you use Expedition Shoe Lights to find your way? To order, click here.

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