Need This New Invention? Flamingo Lamps

Plastic pink flamingoes decorating people's lawns and gardens have long been considered the height of tacky to some people. For others the birds are a delightful touch of color and whimsy to their outdoor living space. If The Flamingo LampThe Flamingo Lampinventor Justin Lemus gets the nod from you will be able to take your flamingoes indoors in the form of these Flamingo Lamps that some may find a bit kitschy,

Don't ask me for decorating advice when it comes to this particular yard bird. I live in a trailer park, a place where such things are considered the height of lawn fashion. To bring them indoors and add electricity might seem just a bit uppity. We-uns don't want to appear prideful in front of those that ain't got, to coin a phrase. 

The main problem with this product idea or "invention" is that it is not unique. A quick internet search shows that there are many versions of flamingo lamps available for sale. You can get them in a wide variety from TV lamps to strings of flamingo lights you could string on your Christmas tree. This obviously means that there is a market for pink flamingoes and this isn't just some feather-brained idea.

What this particular invention needs is something that would make it unique in the market. Perhaps doing something like combining it with a pot for a houseplant. Or maybe a base that looks like a pool of water.  A baby or smaller companion flamingo is another possibility. Yet another idea would be doing the pair as a single lamp.

So is this invention strictly for the birds? No, but it may need a version 2.0 to actually get the support to get it off the ground. In other words, it's got legs, but it also needs wings.


The Flamingo LampThe Flamingo Lamp