Want This New Invention? The Hug Me Jacket

A saying by Virginia Satir, a family therapist, says, "We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth." Few would challenge this statement, but trying to get that many hugs into the average busy day is a tall order for most of us. However, the Hug Me Jacket can take care of five of those hugs all at once!

The Hug Me Jacket (Image via This Is Paper)The Hug Me Jacket (Image via This Is Paper)

In a lovely shade of pea green the puffy jacket somewhat resembles a caterpillar which makes for an Alice in Wonderland gone delightfully wrong feel to it. EIther that or some creepy sci-fi monster that sneaks up on people to keep them warm by trapping them in five sets of over-lapping hands..

The Hug Me Jacket is the creation of designer Si Chan, who graduated from London's School of Fashion a few years ago. The jacket was a part of his men's collection for the fall of 2012 and was designed to express love and make people feel warm and loved.

 The Hug Me Jacket (Image via This Is Paper)The Hug Me Jacket (Image via This Is Paper)

Hugs are said to boost the immune system and oxygen levels, increase serotonin, stimulate the thymus gland, relax muscles, and balance the nervous system. Hugging also improves self-esteem -- something many of us are short on. 

If this jacket is really able to capture the feeling of being hugged then it could be the healthiest jacket ever created. As for the feeling of self-esteem, you probably need to have a fair amount of it to wear this unusual coat in the first place -- or at least be totally in touch with your weird side.

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