Need This New Invention? The Mistletoe Drone

Christmas has long been known for one of the great gateways to holiday romance -- the sprig of mistletoe. An aerial drone bearing the festive fungus recently made an appearance over the crowds at Union Square in San Francisco. Couples young and old delighted in the impromptu appearance and began locking lips when it hovered their way. It was a totally 21st century take an old holiday tradition.

Mistletoe Drone (You Tube Image)Mistletoe Drone (You Tube Image)

The project was created by George Zisiadis and Mustafa Khan as a twist on the idea of drones being bad and giving them something fun to do in the eyes of the people seeing it.  Zisiadis, a designer based in the city by the bay, is hoping to demonstrate how advanced technology like drones can be reimagined in ways that don't include war and espionage.

Couple Kissing Under the Mistletoe Drone (You Tube Image)Couple Kissing Under the Mistletoe Drone (You Tube Image)

The hovering holiday robot definitely spread some Christmas cheer to the people it encountered and they turned to one another with smooches galore. One man even waved the drone over just so he could lay one on his lady. Being that this was San Francisco, even gay couples got into the spirit with a bit of seasonal snogging. Kids in the area just enjoyed trying to chase the little stranger around.


Zisiadis and Khan released the video on Tuesday to share their unique brand of Christmas cheer with the world.

Source: Huffington Post