Need This New Invention? Rubber Band Machine Gun

There are just times when you really feel like going all Rambo on the world, but you just aren't the type to go out and buy a semi-automatic gun and go postal on your coworkers. Still, there are ways to get out your aggression. IfRubber Band Machine Gun (Photos via Kickstarter)Rubber Band Machine Gun (Photos via Kickstarter) you really want to go Rambo you could get yourself one of these really WAY cool Rubber Band Machine Guns.

The gun is the invention of Alex "Sasha" Shpetniy, an 18-year-old design student at the National University of Luhansk in the Ukraine. He was inspired by a much simpler rubber band gun that he saw on the internet, and the design of the Gatling gun. The Gatling gun was one of the world's first automatic weapons.

This new invention in rubber band weaponry is made of wood and comes in four different colors from natural wood to camouflage. It is powered by 5 AA batteries and holds 672 rubber band rounds in its 16 barrels. Each rubber band can be shot up to 26 feet and fires at a rate of 14 rubber bands per second. It's not a tiny, wimpy thing either as it measures 34" long and 11" high.

To be able to produce the Rubber Band Machine Gun for the public Shpetniy and his business partner Brian Dinh turned to Kickstarter. They set their request at a modest $5,000 to get their company up and running. The gun idea was so popular that they ended up raising just over $147,000.

Rubber Band Machine Gun (Photos via Kickstarter)Rubber Band Machine Gun (Photos via Kickstarter)So the gun is now a reality and can be purchased from their website -- Each one comes with an initial supply of rubber bands and a gadget for quick reloading. It also comes with a handsome display rack so that you can mount it proudly in the place it will look the most impressive to guests.

So get your best John Rambo look on -- you know, the headband, sleeveless t-shirt, bulging muscles (optional), and a bandolier of, ummm,  well, rubber bands. Okay, use your imagination to turn them into really wicked copper-jacketed bullets. Then you are ready to Rambo!

I have to take a moment to go a bit mom on you and remind you to be careful. While getting shot with a rubber band is mostly just going to sting a bit, you can still shoot someone's eye out. Well, maybe not all the way out, but Rubber Band Machine Gun (Photos via Kickstarter)Rubber Band Machine Gun (Photos via Kickstarter)you could do some serious eye damage. So either use protective eyewear or don't shoot others in the head. I also don't recommend pointing this thing at animals. You may not seriously hurt them, but it would just be cruel.

That being said, go out there, line up some stuffed animals, paper cups, or toy soldiers and have at it. This may be the only way you will be able to do this without a background check and waiting period. 

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