Need This New Invention? Shoes For Shoveling Snow

If there is one chore that most people really hate in the winter it is shoveling snow. If only there was a way to shovel the walks as easily as walking. Well, apparently some people think that there is! Enter the Shoe Shovel. Instead ofSnow Shoveling Shoes (Image via Shoveling Shoes (Image via breaking your back you can work out your thighs and glutes by shoving the snow out of the way.  So simple, so easy, so . . . unreal.

There are several ideas for the shoe out there from ones that are just flat spatulas to those the resemble snow plows.  With the spatulate ones you need to lift and toss with your feet, whereas the plow type seems designed to allow you to shuffle your feet to move the snow.

The most surprising thing about these shoes is that there are instructions out there on how to make your own pair, but no one has put this idea up on Kickstarter or Quirky. I don't know that they would make a very good real product -- but what an awesome novelty item!

Snow Shoveling Shoes (Image via Shoveling Shoes (Image via the photo, I wouldn't try it in heels. I am one of those people who have managed to break a foot and sprain an ankle falling off heels. I don't need anything to help me be any more unstable.

Someone just needs to come up with a strap-on version to fit just about any shoe and some really funny instructions. I could see sending pairs to my relatives in Canada and Minnesota. They would be fun to play with in a couple of inches, but would probably die quickly in a heavy couple of feet. It could give the beer-drinking hat a run for the money.

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