Need This New Invention? The Tongue Patch For Weight Loss

It is amazing the extremes that some people will go to to lose weight. Over the years people have tried wiring their mouths shut, having liposuction, taking sometimes dangerous combinations of drugs, stomach bypass surgery, Tongue patch surgery (You Tube Imaage)Tongue patch surgery (You Tube Imaage)and lapband surgery. A new procedure developed over the past few years is starting to raise some eyebrows. It is called a 'tongue patch." A bit of surgical mesh is sewn onto the tongue to keep people from eating.

Of all of these the tongue patch is the newest and most controversial. The procedure consists of sewing a patch of marlex mesh that is ordinarily used in hernia repair operations onto the surface of the tongue. The patch is left in place for one month during which the patient is rendered unable to eat without experiencing a great deal of pain. The individual spends that month on a strict liquid diet that amounts to only 800 calories a day. Patients using this method lose an average of 20 pounds while wearing the patch.

A tongue patch (You Tube Image)A tongue patch (You Tube Image)The patch must come off after 30 days or it will start to become a permanent part of the tongue. The procedure costs $2,000 and has not been approved by the FDA. 

The tongue patch is the creation of Dr. Nikolas Chugay. He has performed around 60 of these procedures over the past couple of years. According to him, people who undergo this procedure keep the weight off for around eight months.

Critics of this procedure site lack of proven results over time, and unknown long-term consequences. Weight loss expert Dr. Robert Huizenga, who has appeared on the television reality show The Biggest Loser, is unconvinced of the efficacy of the procedure. He points out that such rapid weight loss has been proven to not last, causing the person to gain back all of the weight they lost plus more. Other concerns include the potential for infection,

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery has not yet published Chugay's research because it was found to have "insufficient data."

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*Note: Laurie Kay Olson has gone through lapband surgery with positive results.

Dec 30, 2013
by Anonymous

Why not just pay a large

Why not just pay a large gent to follow you around and punch you in the head when you try and eat solid food?