Need This New Invention? T-Shirt Imprinted With Tide-Infused Ink

Manufacturers actually adding Tide to clothing ahead of time is not exactly a go-to thought. Since it is a gimmick aimed at the chronically laundry-challenged -- college students -- it makes a lot more sense. The t-shirts come withT-Shirt with Tide-Infused Ink (Photo via Campaign Turkiye)T-Shirt with Tide-Infused Ink (Photo via Campaign Turkiye)a variety of scenes of mothers crying profusely over the enormous pile of laundry their kids have brought home for them to do was created by Leo Burnett, the company's ad agency in Poland.

The tears the moms on the shirts are crying are printed with ink infused with the popular detergent. Some are even calling the garment the world's first self-cleaning shirt. Well, not quite. You still have to throw it in the washing machine and turn it on, but it does take care of that pesky adding Tide to the water. Those tears are purported to be enough Tide to do the entire load. It's kinda cool and a lotta fun.

The main drawback to the gimmick is that you only get one wash out of it.  Mom's tears are gone and there is no more detergent. The idea is to show the fledgling adults how easy it is to so laundry with Tide. Last year the shirts were distributed to mothers in Poland whose kids were about to leave home to attend college. There is no word on how successful the campaign was for Tide, but it certainly seems to have been entertaining.

I can't help but wonder a couple of things about these shirts -- most notably I wonder if any of them made it into a wet t-shirt contest or got caught in the rain. Talk about having a melt-down!

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