Need This New Invention? Watering Can That Folds Flat For Storage

Marc R. of New York City submitted his idea for a folding watering can to earlier this year.  His was among the lucky few that the website chooses to take on and create as a product. For many people who live in tiny homes or apartments the space-saving qualities could make it a best-seller. The designers at Quirky have been working hard to make Marc's dream a reality.

 Squish Watering Can (Photo via Watering Can (Photo via

Traditional watering cans tend to be bulky and difficult to store. The Squish gets around that by not being made of metal or hard plastic. Instead it has an expandable waterproof canvas bag that expands to hold water.  The bag collapses as the water is poured out. Once the water is used up the "can" folds up so that it can be stored flat in a drawer or vertically in a cupboard. It goes from about 8 inches wide when expanded to just 1 inch when collapsed.

Squish Watering Can (Photo via Watering Can (Photo via

Squish holds up to one gallon of water for your thirsty plants. The spout pivots to fold back into the frame to save further space. The spout and frame are made of plastic and the body is made of lined waterproof canvas.

Marc is not new to the Quirky experience. He already has two inventions up for sale in the Quirky store. One of them is a gadget for holding your wine bottles at the correct angle while they are chilling in the fridge. The other is a spoon that measures your cooking ingredients, both dry and liquid, AND is the spoon you use to mix your meal. Squish will be added to the store soon.

Squish Watering Can (Photo via Watering Can (Photo via

In addition to these three products, Marc has six other inventions under review by the Quirky team -- from a doggy dish that can be adjusted to different heights to a device that notifies your Smartphone when your laundry is done. Perhaps the most intriguing one is the Dog Plinko Game.

Some of the features and characteristics of Squish may end up being changed during the production process, but it is definitely heading our way.

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Note: is a website that helps inventors get worthwhile products made and to market. Once an inventor posts their idea the public votes on whether it is an idea the Quirky staff should review. If there are enough votes the staff then considers the viability of the product. Selected products will be manufactured and sold in their online shop and other venues they have partnered with. Thousands of ideas are submitted to their site each week. Out of those thousands only a handful make the cut.