Need This New Ummmm Invention? Creepy Sleepwalking Statue

There is a statue of a sleepwalking man in Massachusetts. It is so lifelike that it is totally creepy and it is creating a lot of controversy. It is not that the work of art is not well done. The big kerfuffle is over the combination of how real"Sleepwalker" by Tony Matelli (Photo via Facebook)"Sleepwalker" by Tony Matelli (Photo via Facebook) it looks and where it is located -- on the campus of the all-woman Wellesley College, The statue also answers that age old question -- boxers or briefs.

The sculpture, not surprisingly, it titled "Sleepwalker." It shows a man dressed in nothing but his underwear walking in the stereotypical, unrealistic mode so often portrayed in movies and television shows -- eyes shut and arms held out in front of him. 

It is the work of artist Tony Matelli, and ties in to an exhibit opening at the Davis Museum on the Wellesley campus this week. The placement inadvertently touched off a storm of controversy as it reminded the women of a flasher that stalked the campus a few years ago. It has also hit a nerve on the subject of women's personal security. 

While the statue was placed just beyond the Davis Museum and was intended to evoke discussion, which it certainly has. The problem, as some see it, is that it didn't so much start a dialog about art as it did start one about women's issues with feeling violated in a place where they should be able to feel safe. Some have said that just moving the Sleepwalked inside the exhibit would be acceptable.

A petition has been started on to have the artwork removed to a different location, and has already been signed by more than 250 women. 

Not everyone has the same problem with the piece. Some just think it isn't very good. Others think it is completely brilliant. Still others view it with a sense of humor as though the sculpture was a refugee from a B movie.

It is often said that there is no such thing as bad publicity. It is left to be discovered if this controversy is going to create enough of a buzz to make the art show a particular success. 

He looks so cold in all of that snow that maybe someone will at least put a sweater on him. 

Source: Boston Globe, Mail Online