Need To Remember Something? Keep An Eye On Your Watch

Once upon a time people would tie strings to their fingers to help them remember something important. Then came the dawn of the Post-It Note and being able to stick those reminders all over the place  However, thatPost-It WatchPost-It Watch didn't ensure that the note was going to be with you where you could find it. The problem has been solved with the Post-It Note Wrist Watch.

I used to write notes to myself on my hands so that I would remember things AND have the note where I could find it. The problem with this method was that I was constantly trying to wash permanent ink off my hands. With a Post-It Watch I could have written the note on the watch face and then pasted it around my wrist. There is no clean up needed, just rip it off and throw it away.

Post-It WatchPost-It WatchJust keep the pad in your purse or briefcase to have it handy. Make sure that you are on top of that important meeting, picking your spouse up at the airport, or remembering to watch the latest episode of your favorite show. I'm thinking of shopping lists so that I don't forget the motor oil or cat food.

You can also write a reminder and stick it on someone else's wrist -- like reminding your kid to do the dishes or take out the trash. Or strapped on your husband's wrist to remind him that your anniversary is next Saturday.

This cute and cool variation on the traditional Post-It note was created by French designer Doriane Favre. 

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