Need A Sharp Pencil? Leave It To Beaver

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck . . . aw, who cares? The point is, the pencil point that is, is that this adorable little beaver can chew enough wood to keep your pencils sharp for a lifetime. Not only that, he does double duty as a paperweight. Since beavers process wood with their teeth it is appropriate that you sharpen your pencil by sticking it in his mouth. 

 Kastor, The Beaver Pencil Sharpener By AlessiKastor, The Beaver Pencil Sharpener By Alessi

The chrome-plated Kastor (French for beaver) comes from Alessi Italian Design Factory. Designer Rodrigo Torres created the little "desk pet" with clean, modern lines to give it a professional appearance that will be appropriate in even the most formal office setting.

There is an added benefit to having the beaver design as a totem in your office -- in Native American lore the beaver has the ability to be productive and persistent, and is capable of using all resources at his disposal. Beaver is a determined, hard worker who will not give up until the job is done.

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