Need Some Help Haunting Homes?: Great Idea?

Patent# US 6776687 relates to a Haunting Aid which is comprised of several components deemed necessary for the ultimate in spooky entertainment; namely, a face with glowing eyes that returns stares or blinks at onlookers. Was this patent a joke, perhaps reminiscent of that book, And Naked Came The Stranger, which some forty years ago was deliberately written as trash just to see if it would sell and it did? It’s not that that the Haunting Aid is a bad idea; it’s just that it is nothing new under the sun or among ghosts or anywhere at all, for that matter. (Just ask any self-respecting pumpkin hanging out in most windows around Halloween time.)



The Haunting Aid dates back to 2004. It is comprised of the head of a being or creature, which is provided on a backing with a pair of LEDs, positioned either in empty sockets or under eyebrows that consort with heaven knows whom. It is versatile, however, for the head does not need to be dismembered for those who prefer to have it attached. The base of each LED rests against or is placed adjacent to the front of the backing while electrical leads on the other side secure the LEDs.

Halloween has inspired many a creative idea down through the years and haunted houses always have their place among those chills that go bump in the night. Consider: “13 Haunted Houses That Will Make You Wet Your Pants” and “Innovative or Just Another Reusable Bag for Halloween?

The Haunting Aid is an inexpensive way to have fun on All Hallows Eve. Watch out though, as you know what they say about reaping what you sow and that kind of thing.

Sleep well.


Via Patently Silly