Need Some InnoCentive? Try The Popular Science Pavilion

Inventors wouldn't be inventors if they didn't love a challenge. And if there's one place online that inventors can find challenges, it's InnoCentive - "the global leader in Challenge Driven Innovation."

And inventors also wouldn't be inventors, if they weren't first inspired to do so. And if there's one place online - besides this one - that can inspire you to be a successful inventor, it could well be PopSci - the internet arm of Popular Science magazine.

So, when you put the two together, you may well have a recipe for innovation. In a fortuitous strike of serendipity, it turns out that these two sites have indeed joined forces, and inventive mouths are watering as we savor the delectable scents brewing in the collective's kitchen.

They can't tell us too much yet, except that it will be an open innovation forum "where corporations, nonprofits and government agencies post pressing Challenges facing their business or industry and offer financial rewards for solutions." And that it launches in May. And that it'll be called the Popular Science Pavilion, or maybe the Popular Science-InnoCentive Challenge Program, although that's a bit wordy, so they'll probably stick with Popular Science Pavilion. Did I mention it launches in May?

So, if you have a solution for everything, you may now even have one for your wallet. Keep an eye on PopSci and InnoCentive over the coming weeks for the lowdown on where your innovative mind is needed next.

Because it is most certainly needed, if Obama's State of the Union speech is anything to go by: