Need To Be Refreshed? Use The Pocket Shower!

Although its purpose hasn’t really been stated by the company, this unique invention might be the perfect companion for those long road trips.

Source: Elite Choice

Introduced by Sea To Summit USA, the Pocket Shower is basically a shower in enclosed in a backpack. Made of heat-resistant waterproof fabric, the pocket features a twist spout that acts like a shower head. Just simply adjust the spout and you can enjoy a shower pretty much anywhere you go. Even though it’s described as a “pocket”, the bag is actually pretty big as it can hold up to 10 litres of water.

The only downside to this product is its purpose. It could be classified as a camping accessory, but why enjoy splatters of water when you can dive into a lake? The only real purpose it would have is for long vacations on the road. If you’re travelling long distances, the invention is perfect for taking a quick shower, especially if it lasts eight minutes with the spout fully open. Priced at approximately US $18, it’s a deal you really can’t go wrong with.

Find out more about the Pocket Shower here. (Buy here.)

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Aug 7, 2008
by Anonymous

Great for primitive campgrounds

Many primitive campgrounds have no washing facilities, and are nowhere near a lake or stream. This would be very useful for those situations. I could see it being used as a rinse at saltwater beaches where there's no handy shower, too.

Aug 16, 2008
by Anonymous

Camp showers have been

Camp showers have been around for awhile. This looks a bit lighter weight though. A lot of camp sights don't have showers, and if you are backpacking, I've yet to see a deep woods camp sight that actually had anything remotely resembling a shower.