Need This? USB Mouse Typing Speedometer

There are loads of ways to be a speed demon with your keyboard. Grand Theft Auto, RACE, Outrun, all kinds of kickass games for your playing pleasure. Or maybe you enjoy the adrenaline thrills of just typing really fast? In which case we hate to break it you, but your parents were lying about that being a game and they've been using you as a data entry slave since you were born. Sorry about that. And to rub salt into the wound, companies are trying to make money from your misguided efforts.

This plastic mouse can be plugged into a USB socket, pedaling faster or slower depending on your typing speed. If the fact that typing is actually work doesn't put you off, maybe how hideous the thing looks will.

That is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen, with its
- demented, obviously psychotic eyes
- literally ratty chest hair
- bright blue wife-beater, combining virtually everything it's possible to do wrong with male clothes
- terrifying Terminator-knees
- I mean God, just look at it.

This toy's very existence is a depressing nightmare. If you can afford to look at a whizzing gadget and read a number while typing at top speed, then you're obviously typing absolute rubbish with no brain function required. You're a monkey with a keyboard. You've only got a job because you're cheaper than the computer that could replace you. All of which is a bit of a harsh message to be coming from a forty dollar piece of plastic rubbish, so you're probably best not buying it.

Or if you absolutely must have a USB Speedometer, at least get a cool one .

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Mar 5, 2008
by xtianzkee

iwant to know the the significance of the device to the socitey

please show the whole article about the device including its significance to the society. thank you