Neighborhoodie: Funky Fashion Garment Doubles As Interactive Video Game

Even though the Wii gets people off the couch while playing video games, it still doesn't get them out of the house. For those parents worrying that their teenagers are about to turn into vampires with so little exposure to daylight, there's a fun new clothing item that offers a solution.


The Neighborhoodie is a funky fashion that any teen will love to wear, but it's the garments function that will really get them moving! This unique hoodie walks wearers through a game of survival tag and works by connecting to a smartphone application that provides guidance. Effectively what it does is provides a complete gaming experience, lighting up in red or blue to show who's the prey versus who's the hunter, switching when one player hits the "tag" patch on the back. It works to incorporate teams, and the coolest part is the sound effects that create a cool atmosphere and even warn people when an enemy is approaching.

You might never seen your teen again with one of these, and with summer nearly here, you might want to make sure you send them out with their sunscreen and bug spray.

Via: FashionTech

May 6, 2010
by Anonymous


Because teens love to wear fall/winter clothing in the summer.