Neil Gaiman Is Making A Game

Neil Gaiman is probably one of the most fascinating figures currently drifting around the wide world of literature. The highly-creative author and writer has made his mark on virtually every medium imaginable, from television to comic books to movies to written novels.  This, coupled with his intricate understanding of social media has made him one of the most prolific figures of geek culture in existence.

Now, he's looking to explore an entirely new frontier: the world of video games. Word is that the author of The Sandman and Coraline is currently collaborating with The Odd Gentlemen (The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom) as the lead writer for a title known a Wayward Manor

Set in a 1920s Victorian Gothic estate, Wayward Manor's story will center on a ghost's attempts to rest in peace. Unfortunately, its efforts are thrown off the tracks when its home is invaded by a cadre of unexpected guests. If the ghost is ever to find peace, it must frighten these visitors away. Wayward Manor's central mechanic will thus involve the search for new and creative ways to scare off unwanted inhabitants.

You can read more about Wayward Manor (and preorder it) here

Source: Shack News