Nekoashi Chair Socks: Feline Footwear For Your Furniture

Nekoashi Chair Socks from Japan's Toyo Case are designed to slip over the “feet” of your chair and table legs, keeping your floors safe from unsightly scratches while adding mass quantities of cuteness to your décor scheme.

Never mind the fact that Nekoashi (literally “cat feet”) Chair Socks do more to humanize inanimate home furniture than anything a bunch of repressed Victorians could imagine.

Unlike those ridiculous table limb trousers, however, Nekoashi Chair Socks seamlessly combine form with function. So what if visitors snicker at your sock-wearing furniture; you'll be smiling when your floors remain beautiful month after month, year after year.

Because furniture comes in a wealth of colors and styles, Nekoashi Chair Socks offer a range of options to best match your style – or your fave kinda kitty as the case may be. Choose from Mike (calico), Sabatora (silver tabby), Chatora (brown tabby) and Kutsushita (black & white “cowcat”).

Nekoashi Chair Socks come in sets of four with each sock measuring 30 x 10 x 120 mm or 1.2 x 0.4 x 4.7 inches. The Tokyo Otaku Mode product page doesn't mention their washability, their composition or even the selling price for that matter but here's some pertinent info: Nekoashi Chair Socks are so new they must be pre-ordered with actual product expected to be ready to ship to buyers in August 2015.