Nemesis Now’s Lobotomy Coaster Set: The Gift that Keeps On Giving!

What exactly is the Lobotomy Coaster Set from Nemesis Now?

The Nemesis Now Lobotomy Coaster Set is a skull whose top opens to reveal a set of waiting coasters. Made of polystone, this Lobotomy Coaster Set from Nemesis Now restores the reputation of skulls everywhere. To say that an acquired taste is a prerequisite for this sort of thing seems an understatement, as the waiting skull on a coffee table or bar top conjures many things to many people (odd and otherwise).
Lobotomy Coaster SetLobotomy Coaster Set

How do you use the Lobotomy Coaster Set from Nemesis Now?

Basically, you just let the Lobotomy Coaster Set from Nemesis Now be, as the Beatles used to say. The Lobotomy Coaster Set from Nemesis Now makes for an interesting bar accessory, although you can probably expect to be the first (and perhaps only) one on your block to have this set of coasters. This cult bar accessory does not come with batteries and one can only wonder exactly what function they would serve anyway. (Could they make the teeth chatter or the eye cavities glow in the dark? No one will say for sure or even whisper it.) Even if the batteries that don’t come with the Lobotomy Coaster Set don’t do anything, it would be overkill anyway, as just the sight of this coaster set is enough to make any coffee table or self-respecting bar groan.

Who are the manufacturers of the Lobotomy Coaster Set?

You can thank Nemesis Now for the creation and sale of the Lobotomy Coaster Set. These folks are the leading distributor of fantasy giftware and you should enter their world at your own risk. The Lobotomy Coaster Set sells for about $27 US dollars, as the vulture flies.

Is the Lobotomy Coaster Set from Nemesis Now for you?

All I can say, if it is, don’t invite ME over for a drink!

Have fun with this Lobotomy Coaster Set, if you dare.