Nemuriale Sleep Aid Kitten Is Better Than Counting Sheep

The Nemuriale Sleep Aid Kitten is a soft & cuddly Russian Blue plush cat that puts stressed-out souls to sleep faster than the hippest hipster hypnotist!

The key feature of this sleep aid device developed by “a top medical team” is a plastic puck whose internal circuitry emits small and regular beats meant to turn one's natural rhythms  towards a date with dreamland.

When turned on, the battery-powered (three LR44 alkaline cell button batteries are included) Nemuriale gets busy beating – not bleating, which is what you get with jumping sheep.

The regular pulses ape the soothing sound of a mother's heartbeat, naturally guiding the sleeper's breathing and heart rate to the optimal, most relaxing rhythm. From that point nature takes its course and sleep descends on velvet wings!

The Nemuriale Sleep Aid Kitten is portable enough to take traveling on trains, planes and automobiles; stressful environments at the best of times (even without the presence of annoying John Candy types). Once activated, the Nemuriale begins beating and will continue doing so for up to 20 minutes.

Not a cat fan? No problem – the Nemuriale sleep aid device also comes camouflaged as a Miniature Stafford puppy! Get yours from Tokyo Otaku Mode; they're priced at $32.79 each and TOM will ship worldwide.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You can also now get the Nemuriale Kitten sleeping aid here and the Nemuriate Dog in the U.S. easily.  Reviews of Nemuirale are very positive. Reviewers of the Nemuriale Kitten and Dog consistently claim that they really work in calming folks down and helping them sleep longer and deeper. 

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