Nerd Jewelry from Japan Measures Your Level of Geek Chic

Haven't you heard? Geek is chic and nerd is the word! Celebrate today's tech triumphs while showing off your fashion smarts with “Measuring”, miniature math set jewelry that'll square your hypotenuse. 

We can thank Japanese designer Kyozo Kawabe for this new line of angled bangles. Made from clear and tinted acrylic plastic, “Measuring” features delightfully shrunken versions of those schoolday, math set favorites the ruler, triangle and protractor.

These nostalgic mini math set styled women's fashion accessories are accurately marked so that in a pinch, they can be used to MacGyver (or MacGruber) your way out of some sticky situation... don't ask me WHAT situation but if it happens, you're covered.

The “Measuring” line is manufactured and sold by Mass Item with prices ranging from 2,940 to 3,990 yen (approximately $38 to $51). Choose from necklaces or earrings, with the pendants being about twice as large as each individual earring. Available colors are clear, smoke, yellow, green and pink. (via Spoon and Tamago)