Nerdy Keyboard Sandals Show Off Your Geek Sole

I've heard of being all-thumbs on the keyboard but not all toes.. until now, thanks to these computer-literate sandals from China. To be fair, the sandals are a blatant knock-off of a near-identical item sold by KITO of Thailand. Kito offers the sandals in a range of rainbow colors while the Chinese seller A-Yaya only sells the slippers in basic black and chocolate brown.

What's especially notable about A-Yaya's items are the price: a mere 7.8 yuan per pair. That translates to around $1.23 American – any cheaper and they'd be giving 'em away!

The inspiration for the sandals is probably the common style of Chinese sandals that feature raised bumps on their inner soles. These bumps allow cool air to reach the undersides of the wearer's feet while at the same time rendering a passive accupressure foot massage. Somebody must have noticed the passing similarity between these massaging sandals and the keys of a keyboard, and so here we are!

A-Yaya stocks the sandals in men's sizes 40 through 44 inclusive. If these are European sizes (nothing else matches up), then the North American equivalent is 7.5 to 10.5 inclusive.

According to the seller's online store site at Taobao, the sandals are made from injection-molded plastic with flat heels and a woven plastic strap. The bump approximating the keyboard's space bar is marked “SPORT”, as is the red brand logo at the top center of the strap. Buyers should be advised, however, that playing any sort of sport while wearing these sandals means Game Over in short order. (via M.I.C Gadget)

Apr 12, 2012
by Anonymous

shut up and take my money

I so wish there was an english translation of this page so I could buy a set of these

Apr 18, 2012
by Anonymous


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