Nerdy "Spiderman" Scales Building Using Vacuum Gloves

Boy, it's sure been a productive couple of weeks for crazy Europeans. The latest stunt making the rounds is this wall climb done using a pair of vacuum gloves. Though this might sound about as solid an idea as using a bath towel to parachute fifteen feet off a tree when you were eight, the crazy contraption actually works, as can be seen from the video at the end of the post.

Jem Stansfield performed the demonstration of the vacuum gloves, made from a standard household vacuum cleaner, for a new BBC series entitled Bang Goes the Theory. He climbed 120 feet up the BBC's White City building in west London. While Jem clearly doesn't look as cool as Spiderman with his vac-pack and safety cables, he certainly proves that even the craziest idea you thought of as a kid might just be a gem in the making.

Just in case you were pondering the possibility, the BBC offered this disclaimer on the website: "This stunt was carried out by trained professionals following strict safety procedures and should not be attempted or replicated." So until you become a trained vacuum climber, you might want to stick to climbing rocks and trees with your bare hands.

Vi: BBC and Coolest Gadgets