Nerf Bandolier Takes Foam Wars To The Next Level

Nerf has always been the purveyor of things both slightly aggressive and yet relatively safe - and they've effectively cornered the foam-war market doing so. Now, they've created the Nerf Bandolier to keep young foam warriors in the action longer.

You duck behind a corner, having narrowly missed the hail of foam darts from your opponent, though you may have scored a few hits yourself. From what it looked like as the world spun by and you headed for cover, your enemy had only a few precious darts left.


You can hear him pumping up his weapon, readying it for the final assault. Reaching down, you access your store of ammo, only to notice the telling rip in your pants. That loose nail...

No ammo left.

Your enemy is coming.

Now, if you had the Nerf Bandolier, you'd be all set.

The Nerf Bandolier kit comes with 12 Clip System darts and 2 Quick Reload kits, but the strap itself has room for 12 darts and up to 6 fulls clips when entirely decked out. It can easily be slug across the shoulder and over the body or clipped to a blaster, giving foam fighters the best chance of accessing their precious ammo at just the right moment.

Nerf Bandolier: being heavily armed is fun!Nerf Bandolier: being heavily armed is fun!

Right now, the Bandolier can be found for just $6.99 at Amazon, and is a great addition to a Nerf arsenal for Christmas, whether paired up with a new Nerf Blaster or as a complement to an already-robust Nerf collection.

Nerf always makes for a fun Christmas afternoon, one that no one will come back from missing an eye or tooth and one that tends to end in laughter more often than tears, and the Nerf Bandolier helps the fun last even longer.

Source: Hasbro 

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