Nerf Firevision: The Best Nighttime Techno-Football Of All Time

I’ve got to give credit to Hasbro’s Nerf division, as they always end up innovating surprisingly novel ways for kids to blast, slap and throw to each other toys made with soft Nerf foam. This year’s cool new Nerf sport involves their Firevision tech, which literally places the football in an all new light.



Unless you’re wearing a pair of Firevision glasses, the football will seem to blink a pulsating white light, but anyone with the shades will see the ball glow a bright crimson or neon lime glow up to 100 feet away for the ultimate sundown showdown. It’s a neat concept, and the blinking red or green Firevision shades clearly sets players into opposing teams, while remaining clearly visible when it gets dark outside.  




Although the Nerf Firevision series also includes an indoor basketball set and a rather cool looking flying disc, the football set that comes with a pair of shades has the most appeal as an outdoor toy that the entire family could enjoy all year. I’m especially impressed with how far Nerf went to make these toys highly noticeable from a distance for both active players and observers, but make sure that you clean up the yard before you decide to host the first family “Backyard Super Bowl.” Safety first! While I’d prefer playing on Team Firestorm Green, if this innovative toy tech takes off, maybe Nerf will start releasing other popular Firevision Frame colors, like blue, yellow and orange… Only time will tell, but in the meantime, I’ve got my fingers crossed for purple and teal!

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