Net-A-Porter Makes Sure Travelers Always Dress Their Best!

 When traveling for business, you may not be aware of all the events that will make up your journey; or their corresponding dress codes. So you can impress other attendees with your business savvy, instead of causing them to focus on your inappropriate wardrobe choices; Net-A-Porter offers emergency wardrobe solutions with delivery directly to your hotel room.

















Net-A-Porter's services are available exclusively to guests of the Soho House in New York, The High Road House in London and the Babington House in Somerset, England. With their international acclaim crossing oceans, the company not only helps guests address their fashion crisis, it also does it in style.

Net-A-Porter only carries high-end luxury fashion items, including clothing, shoes and handbags. It remains cutting-edge by sourcing new, trendy items by the world's famous designers and making them available on their website each and every week.

Power Bandage Dress By PreenPower Bandage Dress By Preen

Not only does Net-A-Porter offer exclusive, same day delivery services to the Soho House clubs listed above, but it's a leading online retailer for the fashion industry. Consumers will of course pay an arm and a leg to become proud owners of their designer goods, but also get the benefit of an attractive, easy to navigate website. Users can browse available products by designer, category (clothing, accessories, bags or shoes), runway shows, boutiques or discount items.

It's typical to see convenience services like those offered by Net-A-Porter in the travel and tourism industry, but perhaps this is a trend that will extend itself to the regular person. After all, we all have those days when we feel like there just aren't any clothes in our closet.

Via: Springwise