Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker Is Smarter Than We Are - But The Rice It Makes Is Great!

Few things in cooking life are as difficult to create as perfect rice, but that's where the Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker comes in. Small and sleek, this little gadget will outcook you every time, and you'll love it.

We remember "old-school" rice cookers. They weren't large, but they took a long time to do anything and if they were so much as bumped or breathed on wrong the rice inside would be ruined. RUINED!

Now, there are many "instant" rice options that seek to replace the pure goodness of streamed white or brown rice, that seek to sully the joy that are the perfectly not-too-hard-and-not-too-soft nuggets of ricey pleasure that come from a true cooker. Sure, we've used these instant imitators, but we'd love another option.

Friends, say hello to the Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker, a new way make sure your white rice, brown rice, sushi rice or even oatmeal is always cooked to perfection. How does it work? It's smart, that's how. The Neuro Fuzzy is able to alter the time or temperature of the cooking rice depending on the needs of the grains inside, meaning that the maximal 5.5 cups (or whatever variant you choose) can be placed in the spherical cooking pan and the user can walk away, only to return when their rice is done to perfection.

Not only can the Neuro adjust on the fly but the spherical cooking pan ensures that all of the rice in the cooker is the same consistency and stickiness throughout the heating process, and even if you don't quite make it back on time to get your rice when it is ready the Neuro will keep it warm for you. It just wants you to be happy.

Look at the perfect rice: look at it!Look at the perfect rice: look at it! 

Of course, it has a number of human-usable controls on the front and options like a 15-minute quick white rice setting for those nights you need your rice right away, but generally its a good idea to simply put in your grains of choice and walk away - the Neuro knows what its doing.

With stay-cool handles, an included measuring cup, rice spatula and holder, this could be the best $200 you've ever spent on something you might actually use in the kitchen.

Source: Think Geek