Neutral Compact Hand Drill Concept Puts A Twist Into The Power Tool Market

An IF Concept Award winner for 2011, the Neutral Compact Hand Drill by Tim Bennett features an innovative new way to get screwed.

Hand-held power drills are common in households and are often simply watered-down versions of their full-scale industrial models, typically with less power and torque but still coming with a host of features and options that most homeowners don't need or want. This can lead to a fear of the power drill, an avoidance of its use in everyday life by those of us whose mechanical skills aren't exactly mirror images of our fathers', those of us who tend to create acceptable solutions instead of true fixes, much to the dismay of spouses or significant others.

Thankfully, Tim Bennett is here to save us.

His award-winning design for the Neutral Compact Hand Drill is intended to take what we hate about using a drill and throw it right out, replacing it with a simple way to get screws set up, lined up, and drilled in at just the right depth.

At first glance, the Neutral Compact Hand Drill looks a touch odd - the rectangular base and curved top end had us wondering "just how the hell is this supposed to work?" Thankfully, Tim had a number of helpful pictures that got us thinking in the right direction.

Drilling: now with style.Drilling: now with style.

As you can see, the slide mechanism on the top of the Drill moves to accommodate depth of the drive that is needed, and the long edge of the base provides a steady surface against the wall to prevent against slippage. The cleverly included laser guider means that you'll have a better chance of actually getting the screw in straight and the entire minimalist and stylish design gives you the chance to get it right the first time with out fiddling with dials or levers.

Is the Drill perfect? No. In small areas or those without flat surfaces it could easily become more of a hindrance than a help, but in those situations many of us that don;t know what the hell we're doing should call a professional anyway. We can see what the design won an award - the concept is simple, effective, and necessary, and we're fairly confident Tim would see about a kajillion (you know - like, a lot of billions) of these if they ever make it to a hardware store near us.

Source: Tuvie