Never Lose the Ear Plugs: Ladybuds

Combat hearing loss before it happens could well be the mantra behind this innovative creation: Ladybuds. The innovative design is aimed to helping women combat noise and hearing loss in an entirely new way. Designed by a woman who loves NASCAR and rock n' roll, Ladybuds are a fun and fearless combination of high-fashion earrings and reusable noise-cancelling earplugs.

So, not only does Ladybuds do what every other earplug promises: taking care of your ears, it does so in a cool and classy way.

Perfect for ladies who love rock concerts, motocross, big cities, NASCAR, airplane travel, Formula 1, snoring husbands, and anything fun that involves lots of noise!

Ladybuds is ALWAYS there, no more fumbling around in your purse; is ready to wear, just pull top edge of ear outward and upward while inserting the earplug and insert into the ear with a slight twisting motion; and easy to clean, just wash the buds with a mild soap and cool water.

Ladybuds is available in gold fill or sterling silver, made using beautiful Swarovski crystals, and high-end silicone earplugs from HearTech.

And, I had to admit, the ear plugs do look like a part of the ear rings design.

Ladybuds retail for $30.00

Sep 25, 2008
by Anonymous

I used earplugs for sleeping

I used earplugs for sleeping in college dorms, these look great but I don't think having the earring backs poking behind my ears would be really comfortable.