New App 'Posh Peep' Allows Users To Weigh In On Fashion Choices

Posh Peep Lets Users Create Fashion Polls & Get Feedback: Find out what Twitter users think of your fashion choicesPosh Peep Lets Users Create Fashion Polls & Get Feedback: Find out what Twitter users think of your fashion choices


Not sure what to wear or whether one item of apparel goes well with another? Ever wish you had a second set of eyes to veto your choices or give them a thumbs up? Fashion faux pas are nothing new. Many people make the mistake of donning clothing that’s either mismatched or clashes. Over the last few years a number of helpful apps have come out to give you a guiding hand when it comes to getting dressed. Let’s face it, not everyone’s a Mr. Blackwell, the former fashion designer, critic and style icon famous for his yearly best- and worst-dressed lists. Enter Posh Peep.

Posh Peep App

A new fashion app called Posh Peep used in conjunction with social media allows users to create a poll after posting selfies of themselves on Twitter in their style choice du jour and let people vote on it. Not only do users get to vote, but they get to put their two cents in on the fashion choice, too. All you have to do is add the hashtag symbol before the words Posh Peep (#poshpeep) with your picture and let voters do the rest. Poll users are made up of Twitter users who follow the subject. This way, anyone who wants to can be a Richard Blackwell — without the acting career, fashion house or celebrity.

Fashion Advice

This is actually a great idea if you’re going shopping by yourself without the aid of an objective party to help you steer clear of clothes that do nothing for you. You can take a mirror selfie in a dressing room and throw it out there for the world to see and vote on. It could help you avoid those “what was I thinking?” purchases and save you the time and hassle of having to return them later or, worse yet, wearing them in public. Cool beans, right? That is if people are civil about their hopefully “friendly advice.” A lot of people sadly turn into monsters when they’re afforded the luxury of hiding behind an anonymous little avatar.


Free Smart Dresser App: Upload images of your wardrobe & accessoriesFree Smart Dresser App: Upload images of your wardrobe & accessories


Free Fashion Apps

There’s another fashion app created by a group of young women at Chapman University in southern California for helping people coordinate outfits and remind you of the last time you wore any of the pieces. Originally designed with people suffering from autism in mind, anyone can use it, and it even gives you weather alerts for your area each day to help you pick the right clothes for the predicted temps or chances of rain. You just take pictures of your wardrobe and upload them and the app does the rest. It’s called Smart Dresser, and it’s won an award.

Virtual Fashion Apps

Don’t confuse the Smart Dresser app with the Smart Dresser Virtual Fitting Room app. This app allowed users to try on clothing virtually to see what it would look like on them. It’s a nifty idea that an online jewelry retailer also uses so you can get an idea of where something will hang on you, such as necklaces and chains, or how you’ll look in drop earrings. All you have to do with these virtual apps is upload a picture of yourself and the app will superimpose the item onto the image. For jewelry, all that’s required is a headshot. Clothes, obviously, you’ll need a full length body shot.


 Virtual Fashion Apps: Find out what fashions would look like on youVirtual Fashion Apps: Find out what fashions would look like on you

As apps continue to evolve we can look forward to some really innovative ideas for fashion assistance.