New Blood-Testing Service: Only One Drop For 30 Lab Tests

A Revolution In Lab Testing

A new dawn of comprehensive rapid diagnosis and preventive medicine is on the horizon that is certain to revolutionize the future of lab testing and phlebotomy. This is all thanks to 31-year-old Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos, a Silicon Valley company established in 2003 that has developed  an inexpensive, quick and accurate blood test by using one tiny drop of blood. Holmes owns half the company, which is valued at $9 billion, making her America's youngest self-made billionaire.


One drop of blood for many tests: Source: FortuneOne drop of blood for many tests: Source: Fortune


The Importance of Theranos

The Theranos philosophy has filled  an ever-deepening divide between consumers and raging medical costs. So many Americans are overwhelmed with crippling medical bills despite having insurance and are at a loss as to how to pay them.

It took a decade for Theranos to gain recognition and partner with Walgreen's. According to Forrester's business analyst, James McQuivey, "businesses like Theranos  can potentially reduce health expenses "by a factor of 10." Resembling prices at a bargain basement department store, blood typing costs $2.05; cholesterol is $2.99 and iron testing is a whopping $4.45.


Just a pinprick: Souce: SlateJust a pinprick: Souce: Slate


The Secret To The Success of Theranos

The power of Theranos is quite simply the fact that it transforms the diagnostic process so that the emphasis is on low cost preventive measures that are both commonplace and affordable. In addition, the process is universal and not just for the American consumer. Anywhere you live, no matter how old or young you are, at one time or another you are likely to require blood testing.

 The Theranos business model has brought diagnostic testing to a new and powerful precipice. A current generation of diagnostic tess can revolutionize the field of preventive medicine by diagnosing conditions much earlier on. The process can also be customized to meet the needs of each and every medical specialty.


Blood  Vials for Testing: Source: En.WikipediaBlood Vials for Testing: Source: En.Wikipedia


The Theranos Board of Directors  includes notables such as two former Secretaries of State: Henry Kissinger and Geirge Schultz, the latter of whom made front page news recently with the statement  that Theranos is seeking FDA approval for an early detection Ebola test.

The Future of Consumer Health Technology

There is little doubt that Theranos' impact on preventive medical health care and costs turns a new page  in diagnostic testing and paves a path for others to follow.


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