The New Brilliance Dolphin: Still Cheap But Less Crappy

What's in a name? Car buyers scouting out the new Brilliance Dolphin will be pleased to know this entry-level mini car is no longer known as the Brilliance CaCa. The road to dolphin-ity has been a long and winding one for Brilliance, who debuted their new econobox at the Guangzhou Auto Show late November of 2013.

Dubbed the Brilliance H120 during development, marketers at Shenyang-based Brilliance Auto Group noted their potential market competitors were the Chery QQ, Changan BenBen, and JAC YueYue. A snap decision was made to ditch the company's alphanumeric naming system for the new automobile, so out went H120 in favor of... CaCa.

Though somewhat amusing to western ears, the vaguely scatological moniker likely wouldn't raise any eyebrows in its domestic market. Brilliance didn't count on the existence of, however, who wasted no time in reporting the promising new vehicle's inauspicious new name.

Due to the CaCa's ultra-low price (39,800 yuan or just under $6,500) and the correspondingly low-end materials used in its interior appointments, it was inevitable that English-language reviewers equate the pejorative name with the vehicle's perceived quality. All we'll say is... check out that steering wheel.

In any case, the CaCa must have hit the fan during the Guangzhou Auto Show since here we are, almost a year later, and the former CaCa has now been officially released bearing the Brilliance Dolphin nameplate. Stylized dolphins decorate the car's chromed badges while gaudy graphics are splashed across the car's ocean blue flanks. Gee Brilliance, you're not trying TOO hard now, are you?