The New Ford Troller T4 Is Only Available In Brazil. Problem?

Is Ford trolling us with their new Troller T4? Yes and no... this brutish, bare-bones 4x4 Brazilian Bronco is available for purchase but buyers had best exchange their Yankee greenbacks for Brazilian reals – in Brazil – before taking delivery.

Manufactured by Troller Veículos Especiais S/A, the new Troller T4 and its more pickup-like brother, the Troller Pantanal, are produced at Troller's factory in Horizonte, Ceará, Brazil.

The company was founded by Rogério Farias in 1995 and Ford do Brasil acquired it in January of 2007. As for the curious brand name, it's a non-official Portuguese adaptation of the English word “troll”. Problem?

Well, sort of, if you're not living in Brazil or thereabouts and you're in the market for a Jeep Wrangler-like vehicle that's not made by Chrysler Group LLC. Ford has no plans to export the new Troller T4 or any other Troller products from Brazil, for that matter.

What are we missing? One seriously scrappy small SUV, for starters. The company's Portuguese-language site is coy about details on the “Novo Troller”, as they call it, preferring to entice potential buyers with machine-translated superlatives such as “Much more drive. Further Troller. Here comes the New Troller. Strong as ever and now with many new features to stay on top of them all.”

You might want to read that in the voice of The Most Interesting Man In The World... in fact, it's mandatory. Hey Troller Veículos Especiais S/A, shut up and take our money!

Local scribes had a chance to meet & greet the new Troller T4 in Sao Paulo this past May 31st, and the deep orange example was warmly received. Under the skin, the new Troller T4 houses a 3.2-liter diesel engine while a six-speed manual gearbox should satisfy shifty drivers. In keeping with its rugged Amazon explorer mystique the vehicle was designed with adjustable sway bars, 17” aluminum alloy wheels and high ground clearance. The latter is needed, to say the least.

If you live in a home where jaguars, piranha and candiru (Google it if you dare!) roam, your range rover had better have some serious off-road cajones, patron! We'd call it Maximum Trolling but Ford do Brasil has beat us to that punch.