New & Improved Toyota Vitz Runs Like A Rollerskate, Fits Like A Shoe

The new Toyota Vitz, now in its third generation, enjoys engine upgrades providing higher thermal efficiency while improving fuel economy. Since the Vitz now runs better, the obvious promotional tack was to take it on tour with a gigantic four-wheeled “Yellow SneaCar”.

The subcompact Vitz (North American readers know it as the Yaris) was introduced back in 1999 and it's now well into its third generation – the most recent models debuted in 2010. While the aforementioned engine upgrades may have made the Vitz run better, even the top-of-the-line 1.5-litre inline four can't raise drivers' heartbeats much.

Instead, Toyota is focusing on the fun factor to turn those smiles into Vitz-driven miles. A “Lively” series of eight bright new colors are one way the new Vitz seeks to impress, one of which is Luminous Yellow. The promotional “Yellow SneaCar” exudes this sunny shade and one can't deny the lemony hue adds life to the freshened-up Vitz.

Both the new Vitz and its accompanying SneaCar are currently touring some of Japan's trendiest hotspots - the PR event pictured here took place in downtown Tokyo's Shibuya district. The event featured a coterie of five dancers who, aided by behind-the-scene cohorts, invoke a flash mob via social media.

Why dancers? Since you've asked, we'll let it slip the new Vitz's promotional theme is “Happy Footwork”... and no, no penguins were involved. (via Akihabara News and Jonelle Patrick)