New iPhone 6S? Time To Shop For New iPhone 6S Case!

It’s official.  The eagerly awaited new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus was released in the US on September 25, 2015.   

Dimensions of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Among many of the differences between the iPhone 6 and new iPhone 6S are its dimensions. The new iPhone 6S is 0.2mm taller, 0.1 mm wider and 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 6.   The new iPhone 6S Plus is 0.1mm taller, 0.1 mm wider and 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 6 plus.  

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S dimensionsiPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S dimensions

New iPhone 6S case ?

So the initial query on my mind is whether my old iPhone 6 or 6 plus case will fit on the new models.  There’s good chance that your old case will fit on the new phone if its made out of silicon, leather or another stretchable material but there is no guarantee until you try it.  

The next question is … after you spent all that money on a new iPhone 6S (or 6S Plus), do you really want to put a dirty, old case on your new phone?  And for that matter, for all you “I have to have the newest gadget out there people”, will everyone think you still have the old iPhone 6 if you are using your old case?   Honestly, I, like everyone I know, carry my phone with me everywhere.  I would rather lose my wallet than my phone.  So let’s just say my iPhone 6 case is well loved.  Bottom line is that I need a new iPhone 6S case to go along with my upgraded phone.    

New iPhone 6S case options

So I was searching online for new iPhone 6S cases.  I found a bunch on Apple’s website but they weren't really inspiring me. So I looked around the web and I  found some nice ones from Incipio that I like for different reasons.

My first choice for a new iPhone 6S case is the Ghost Qi (Wireless Charging Battery Case) .   You just place your iPhone 6S on a compatible charging base and it charges your phone for 11 hours.  Real reason is that sometimes I’m too lazy to plug in my phone.  How many times have you been in bed and realized that the charger has dropped to the floor and you now need to get out of bed to pick it up. 

Ghost Qi (Wireless Charging Battery) CaseGhost Qi (Wireless Charging Battery) Case

My second choice for a new iPhone 6S case is the Watson (Wallet Case with Removable Cover) for $44.99.   Like I said, I would rather loose my wallet than my phone.  Basically, I always check to make sure I have my cell phone so it’s great that it holds your cash, credit card, etc.  The bonus for me is that it is a folio wallet so it also covers your screen.  I always toss my phone in my purse (along with everything else), so it would nice for the screen to be covered. 

Watson Wallet CaseWatson Wallet Case

My third choice for a new iPhone 6S case would be the Stowaway (Credit Card Case with Integrated Stand) for $34.99.  This is perfect for my boys who do not carry around a wallet but carry around their phones.  They can stick their money in their phone case.

Stowaway CaseStowaway Case

My fourth choice for a new iPhone 6S case is the Feather Clear (Ultra-Thin Clear Snap-On Case) for $24.99.  I like it for one reason only.  To be able to show off that new rose gold color that only comes in the iPhone 6S (and 6S Plus).  
Feather Clear CaseFeather Clear Case

Finally, I would seriously consider Edge Chrome (Hard Shell Slider Case with Chrome Finish) for $29.99 for a new iphone 6S case.  It just looks really sleek.  The chrome style bottom is a nice design element.  

Edge Chrome CaseEdge Chrome Case

There are so many options available for your new iPhone 6S cases. I liked some of the ones featured by Incipio as I thought they had nice functionality while looking sleek and elegant.  You may find the ones at the Apple Case Shop to be a better match for your needs. 

It's fun shopping for a new case since there are many options out there. So happy shopping!