New Jewelry Fad: Innovative Exhibit Evokes Out of Body Experiences

An innovative and unexpected jewelry fad may well be on the horizon since the recent exhibition of Daniel Ramos Obregon, a Columbian-born, London-based designer and fashion artist who is a recent graduate of the renowned MA Fashion Artefact at London College of Fashion, UAL. He did his BA in Design with emphasis in Communication Design at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá and then traveled abroad in 2010 to the textile department at Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden.


Outrospection Exhibit Overview: Source: Cargocollective.comOutrospection Exhibit Overview: Source:


Obregon's striking, surreal exhibit was originally conceived solely as an art exhibit known as Outrospection: The Body and Mind. It is comprised of porcelain body parts that have been outfitted with frames made from gold-plated brass that are simple and stylish and may in the future become wearable and adapted for every day use. He collaborated with ceramicist, Kate Luck. who made the slip casting.

The Outrospection Collection


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Introspection is clearly out and outrospection is definitely in. This innovative and unique exhibit is a metaphorical representation of self-expression inspired by the ideas presented by philosopher, Roman Krznaric, who firmly believed that inner knowledge and self-discovery can only be achieved via out-of-body experiences (astral projections).  A graceful and thought-provoking collection, all of the peices have been hand crafted out of porcelain body casts, gold-plated brass metal frames, hand-turned Columbian kingwood handles and vegetable-tanned harnesses.

Why porcelain?

At first, the selection of porcelain  as a medium was an artisitic whim. It was only while using it that Obregon realized its connection to the construction of one's own identitiy. The porcelain properties of being both very strong and difficult to work with coupled with its delicate aspects are analagous to human personality and the formation of personal identties, which develop and become solid, but remain fragile and vulnerable.


Outrospection Fingers: Source: Trendhunter.comOutrospection Fingers: Source:


In the artist's own words:

"I have a strong interest in how peope build their individual identity and part of this project seeks to explore this by looking at the relationship between body and mind...With porcelain I developed a  unique relationship as it provided some interesting feedback to the concept I was working with...I used slip porcelain, which comes in a liquid state ready to be molded and shaped into pretty much anything."

How does the artist and his unusual exhibit affect astral projections?

Obregon cleverly weaves puppetry and jewelry into creations that call to mind sequences of out-of-body experiences. The mind is represented metaphorically in the state of being projected out of the body. The more graceful aspects of the exhibit are modeled after the movements of Polish ballet dancer, Lukasz Przytarski. His complex visualizations embrace the interdisciplinary relationship between art, fashion and performance and intersect these three separate and distinct aspects.


Hand Molds: Source: SoCatchy.netHand Molds: Source:


Other applications

For Obregon, Outrospection  is both a platform and a starting point for future applications. Although  primarily envisioned as an art exhibit, his work may well open the door to future industry experience within the fields of jewlelry and product development for luxury brands such as Givenchy, Margiela and others of that ilk and possibly dance companies creating commisssioned performance props.


Obregon and his unique artistic vision have left an indelible mark in the realm of innovative design as displayed in his Outrospection collection. He as well as other artists are only limited by the confines of their own imaginations. He is moving towards a concept that offers a balance between technological and handcrafted processes within the dynamic and challenging world of modern fashion and particularly jewelry design.

Closing thoughts on jewelry:

Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles.. ~ Sonja Henie

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