New Pet Mat Provides Relief With Copper And Bamboo Charcoal


If you have a senior pet, you're probably especially sensitive to her movements.  She may move slowly, favor one leg or hip, or show more fatigue after exercise or a walk than she used to. Achy Paws carries a Copper Comfort Pet Mat that provides relief and warmth to your dogs and cats, using age-old earth-produced natural curative materials - copper and bamboo charcoal.  How do these materials work? 

Copper Comfort MatCopper Comfort Mat

There is probably no other natural material more purported to help pain, especially arthritis pain, than copper, which is said to activate curative enzymes in the body when it comes in contact with the body's trigger points.  This is why copper is used in so many human massage devices and shoe inserts.

Activated bamboo charcoal provides a natural heating pad for your pet, as it warms when it comes in contact with his body - no need for a plug-in heating pad.  Bamboo charcoal is also a natural deodorizer and purportedly relaxes the mind and body. (Read about additional benefits of bamboo charcoal here.)

The Achy Paws Copper Comfort Pet Mat can be used for cats and dogs. It provides warmth and restorative energy to your pet through its unique properties, according to the company.  It is foldable, portable, and machine washable.

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