New Philips Monitor Balances Dual 19” Screens On One Stand

Philips has released its Brilliance 19DP6QJNS/27, a PC monitor with the unique distinction of being dual-headed. It's got two 19" displays in tandem, their slim bezels affording a mere 7mm gap between them. It's meant to provide a gateway into dual-monitor productivity without taking much extra desk space.



The displays themselves deliver 1280x1024-pixel resolutions (2560x1024 combined) at 60hz. AH-IPS panels with W-LED backlights allow wide 178º H/V viewing angles. VGA and DisplayPort inputs line one display, the other taking VGA and MHL-HDMI. Both band together for a four-port USB 2.0 hub.



Among extra features, the screens can be folded inward by up to 22.5º each, and the lone stand supports swivel and height adjustments. "Flicker-Free Technology" prevents extra eye fatigue, and the usual suite of dynamic auto-adjustment tools for "ultimate display performance" is also included.



All in all, Philips are selling its Brilliance 19DP6QJNS/27 for around $500 USD. That's a bit expensive, given you can buy pairs of 23" IPS displays providing higher combined resolutions for about the same, but those won't provide the 7mm gap and single-stand design that the Philips offers.

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