This New Site Is A Basketball Coach's Dream

Basketball PracticeBasketball Practice

Most basketball coaches don't make their living from their coaching wages (some don't even get wages), so it's often difficult to handle the responsibilities of coaching on top of job, family and day to day activities. helps basketball coaches plan and organize their practices, which allows them to not only be more efficient coaches, but gives them more time during the day.


Premier Coaching Software, LLC (PCS), a technology company founded by basketball coaches, developed After they surveyed over 2,000 basketball coaches, they found that, on average, coaches spend more than 1 hour a day planning practice. That means they spend about half the time of a practice session planning that session. offers an extensive drill library with supporting videos. There are ball handling drills, rebounding drills, shooting drills, defensive drills and many more. There are also strength and conditioning drills designed specifically for basketball players. 

Basketball DrillBasketball Drill

To design your practice plan, simply log in, select a type of drill, select the drill, then fill in the duration. The software will give you the drill's description and emphasis as well as a video.

In this way, you can structure a practice that goes from simple ball handling drills to more advanced shooting drills, or you can choose to work mainly on rebounding and defense. Whatever skill and aspect of the game your team needs work on, you can design a practice plan around it quickly and easily with offers a free 7-day trial, after which, if you choose to continue your membership, you will be charged $79 for a year's subscription. This works out to about $6.60 a month--not a bad price to save you a few hours a week.