Free Apps Like Smart Dresser Help People Coordinate Outfits


Deciding what to wear each day is a problem for a lot of people — no matter what level they're functioning at. That's why a group of young women at Chapman University in southern California got together to create an app to solve the dilemma millions of people face everyday, including those with autism. It's called Smart Dresser, and it's currently under development and shooting for a 2015 release date.

Award Winning App

The all-girls team behind it won both the 2014 People’s Choice Award and the Most Surprising Award at the Autism App Jam at UC Irvine for the design and concept of the new app. “All the judges from Google, Blizzard and other tech companies really praised our app,” one of the developers was noted as saying. The team's goal is to eventually release the Smart Dresser app for free so that anyone can download and try it.

Smartphone Smart Dresser App: Free app for picking out and coordinating clothesSmartphone Smart Dresser App: Free app for picking out and coordinating clothes


People on the autism spectrum can have significant difficulties when it comes to coordinating outfits without assistance. Professor Erik Linstead of Chapman’s Schmid College of Science and Technology runs the Machine Learning and Social Technology Lab, which focuses on the development of applications for people with autism and other developmental disorders. Under his tutelage, Linstead has been credited by the Smart Dresser team as the driving force behind the project — but he begs to differ.

How It Works

Here’s how Smart Dresser is designed to work: After downloading the free app, users will then take pictures of each item in their wardrobe. Those images will be stored in the app’s database. The app will then use an algorithm to assemble different outfits based on complementary colors and styles.

Smart Dresser will be sensitive to current weather conditions based on the location data entered into the Smartphone and adjust its recommendations to ensure the user stays comfortable. The app will also track the user’s favorite ensembles and remember the last time each item was worn, giving them a heads up on the frequency of the items chosen.

Smart Dresser for Smartphones: Free app for picking out clothes is weather sensitiveSmart Dresser for Smartphones: Free app for picking out clothes is weather sensitive

Watch For It

This is an app to keep your eye on in the coming months. It has practical applications for people from all walks of life, functioning at all different levels. Soon, all you'll need is a smartphone and free apps like Smart Dresser to be fashion forward.