New Solar Batteries Store Energy For A Rainy Day

 New Solar Batteries Store Energy For A Rainy Day: Harnessing the sunNew Solar Batteries Store Energy For A Rainy Day: Harnessing the sun


What if you could produce enough of your own energy to completely power your home or business and literally store enough excess for a rainy day? That’s the premise with solar batteries, and they’re about to change our world.

Solar Power

For many years now people have increasingly turned to solar power to run their homes. Some have even been so successful at it that not only do they not have a power bill for actual energy usage, but they actually sell their excess energy to their utility provider and receive a credit which covers their connection fees. That’s because even if you use alternative energy sources, in most cases you’re still connected to a power grid and you have to pay the piper. Only in this case, they pay you back.

Solar Batteries

With solar batteries, theoretically you can squirrel away the energy you’ve gathered during the day and use it well beyond the storage capacity of nighttime use for cloudy or rainy days. In May, the media went nuts when Tesla’s new Powerwall and PowerPack batteries, which were unveiled earlier in April, had already received $800 million in orders and were sold out until mid-2016. The former will be for home use while the latter is for big business or utility applications. Surprisingly, the vast majority of those preorders were from the second group.


Solar Battery Storage: Harvesting the power of the sunSolar Battery Storage: Harvesting the power of the sun


Solar Batteries for Home Use

These zero-emissions storage units for solar energy are still relatively expensive as compared to power companies, but with each passing year they will become incrementally more affordable. In addition to that, their capabilities will expand, eventually rendering them all the power source we will ever need. It’s been repeatedly said that every 40 minutes the strength of the sun has the ability to sustain all of mankind's energy needs for a full year.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

The problem in the past has been our ability to efficiently harness the sun’s power properly through technology. Harvesting it hasn’t been so much the problem as creating panels that could adequately make use of what they receive. Up until recently, the best most solar panels could do is convert only about 15 percent of the sun’s energy into electricity. Believe it or not, that’s actually up quite a bit from when the technology was in its infancy and leaps and bounds from the mid-50s when we figured out how to do it. That’s finally beginning to change.


Improved Solar Energy Cells Offer Significant Gains In Production: Going off the gridImproved Solar Energy Cells Offer Significant Gains In Production: Going off the grid


Going Off the Grid

Currently, you can still go off the grid completely, if you want to. It will require a significant initial investment in panels and batteries and some lifestyle changes, but it’s not impossible. Plus, there are the benefits of basically going “clean” with zero emissions and a lack of utility bills. Companies like Ameresco Solar offer off-grid packages with everything you need that can be customized to fit your specific needs. Eventually, your investment will recoup itself and you’ll have reduced your carbon footprint in the process. Not too shabby.