Wrap Your Ear Around The New Talking Menu

UK entrepreneur Matthew Wadsworth is visually impaired, and after years of having menus read aloud to him in restaurants he had a brainwave - why not have an app which can help the visually impaired to read restaurant menus? The following months have seen him come up with Good Food Talks.

Now whilst I'm sure there are those of you picturing each restaurant with its own tablet-like device gleefully calling out the details of the menu, the Good Food Talks concept is a bit different, beginning with the fact that it is a phone app.

Who needs a waiter to explain the food?Who needs a waiter to explain the food?

Yep. Good Food Talks is based around a restaurant app with a list of participating eateries. It's simple. If the restaurant is on the app, then so is an audio version of their menu. The app even caters for the varying degrees of visual impairment. Those who have issues with colors can utilize the black and white option, while those with a more serious impairment can access the audio function of the app.

Thanks to the delighfully simple video seen above it is easy to understand why people are raving about this app. A user need simply type in the name of the restaurant they have chosen to satisfy their longing hunger, and up pops the menu. Users can select the audio voice over on the app and hear the delightful elements of the menu read aloud by someone with, what one can only hope, is a joyfully soothing voice.

How it functionsHow it functions

So with restaurants only having to send through a PDF and notify Good Food Talks of the regularity with which they update their menus, the process seems fairly simple, although there are obviously certain limitations. It is not uncommon for restaurants to have a list of specials which may be decided on the day, thus providing a stern test for the speed and efficiency of the Good Food Talks app. 

However, with a recent survey revealing that 97% of visually impaired people would prefer to read a menu themselves as opposed to having a friend or waiter read it, Matthew Wadsworth's innovative problem-solving app is set to be one for the future. After all, the restaurant chain Carluccios received an innovation award in 2014 for simply putting all of their chains on the Good Food Talks app. Now that's a powerful app!

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