New Toyota Mark X Yellow Label – A Better, Brighter Camry?

Toyota's Mark X (pronounced “Mark EX”) offers Camry-class car buyers a front engine/rear drive alternative (with optional AWD) to the popular front-drive Camry. Now Toyota's sweetening the deal by offering specially-trimmed versions of the Mark X in a choice of colors including the lemon-hued Yellow Label.

The current generation of the Mark X was introduced in 2009 so it's no surprise Toyota's freshened up the sleek sedan's styling. If it's not familiar to North Americans, that's because Toyota ceased selling a similarly targeted vehicle called the Cressida back in 1992, shortly after the U.S. launch of the Lexus brand.

These days, the Mark X is doing quite well, thank you, in its main marketing areas of Japan and China. Over the years a number of special editions and sport-oriented performance packages have been offered in order to keep consumer interest bubbling away, of which the new “Yellow Label” package set for launch on September 1st, 2014 release is the latest.

The Yellow Label package is available on three Mark X trim levels: 250G, 250G S package, and 250G Four with the latter being the Marx X's all wheel drive variant – perhaps the nameplate's main advantage over the Camry.

All three are powered by Toyota's proven 4GR-FSE DOHC, 2.5-liter V6 engine putting out 207 PS (152 kW; 204 hp) at 6,400 RPM and 26.5 kg·m (260 N·m; 192 lb·ft) of torque at 3,800 RPM and driven through a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Above all, however, the new Yellow Label edition expresses itself in bright, beautiful lemon yellow starting off with its gleaming Awaken Yellow paint job. The hue makes further noteworthy appearances on the stainless steel door scuff plates, seat upholstery and door trim, yellow stitching on the shifter boot, yellow trim on the leather wrapped steering wheel and inside door grips, and yellow piping on the floor mats. 

You'll find the new Mark X Yellow Label sold exclusively at Toyopet Store dealerships and no, you can't order it in left-hand drive. Pricing ranges from 2,883,600 yen (about $27,650) for the Mark X 250G Yellow Label to 3,121,200 yen (about $29,950) for the 250G Four Yellow Label. (via Impress Watch)