7 Rainy Day Indoor Forts Perfect For Any Day

School will be out in a couple of weeks for most kids. Between the hot temperatures, bickering siblings, or rainy days, it might be a long summer for some parents. In our house, the theme for our daughter is Keep Her Busy. If we can’t get out of the house it’s a really long day. My three-year-old is pretty good at keeping herself entertained, but she also needs extra stimulation and ways to burn some energy on those long days at home. So I did all of us a favor. I found some pretty sweet indoor forts that are perfect for rainy days. Or any day.

Yes, I know. A sheet over some chairs can be called a fort. And a totally cool one at that. The indoor forts I found require a bit more time and energy to create. Your kids will need to problem solve and use their imaginations and hands while they build the perfect place to hunker down for the day or afternoon. In other terms, these indoor forts will keep your kids busy.

1. Brik A Blok

Brik A Blok comes with 46 panels, a compact storage bag, and is ready to be made into the coolest maze-fort ever. The panels snap together for easy to assemble—and disassemble—forts. It’s like Tetris or hamster tunnels for your kids.

2. Crazy Forts!

You can either tackle the original Crazy Forts!, the Crazy Forts! Glow in the Dark, or the Crazy Forts! Princess Playset. I won’t lie. The number of pieces—25 balls and 44 sticks—that come with these sets makes me dizzy. I think a Rubbermaid bin will be in order for when the fort comes down.

Yet, it might be worth it to add the Crazy Forts! Fort Lights. These are LED lights that fit into the holes on the Crazy Forts! balls and will shut off by themselves after 20 minutes, saving battery life in case the kiddos forget to turn them off. What will a few more pieces hurt?

3. Squishy Forts

Ever rip the cushions off of the furniture and build a bunker? Well Ross Currie did. And he has now created Squishy Forts, soft building blocks with built-in magnets to let you build the best pillow or cushion fort without ripping the couch apart. Squishy Forts come in several colors, including blue, red, pink and green. When not in use, the blocks can be stored to look like an ottoman so that it can double as a piece of your living room set. I’m pretty sure Ross doesn’t come with the purchase.

4. Fortamajig Connectables

Fortamajig Connectables are multi-colored squares with adjustable and interlocking fabric loops to keep your child’s creation safe and sturdy, even for young hands. They are meant for kids three years and up, but my three-year-old will likely need some help building a fort with these. That suits me just fine. Isn’t this why we have kids? To build forts and pretend we are hiding from fairy monsters? (Update: This is no longer available. This Fortmajig Fort may be a good alternative.)

5. Toydle Forts


Toydle Forts are not meant for climbing, but they are made with materials of such good quality they can withstand rowdy fort makers. The design is simple, but the idea is genius. Each kit comes with wooden blocks with soft edges, a large canvas storage bag, clamps, and phthalate and heavy metal free PVC tubing. You can buy either the Huge Fort kit or the Colossal Fort kit. And you can buy those kits with or without the panels designed for Toydle Forts.

6. Fort Magic

Fort Magic is the fort world’s equivalent to a Lego building set. The set comes with 382 pieces and endless possibilities. Using straight and curved pieces your builder can assemble pretty much anything she wants. It also comes with an instruction manual with specific ideas, like a submarine or pirate ship. The Fort Magic website also has oodles of ideas and examples. The only bummer is that fabric does not come with the kit. But fabric clips are included, so an old sheet or blanket may work just fine.

7. Tablecloth Playhouse

This fort by Striped Coast doesn’t really require much energy to set up, but it’s super cute and perfect for young kids. Striped Coast has a variety of tablecloth playhouses to keep the kids' imaginations active. They also offer teepee tents. Don’t like what you see? Or have something else in mind? Send them an email and they will work with you to create a custom order.

Happy forting everyone!


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