New Tug-O-War Toy For Dogs: Tuggo™


Tuggo tug-o-war dog toyTuggo tug-o-war dog toyDoes your back get sore from playing too much tug-o-war with your dog?  Okay, so it's his favorite game, but how far can you be dragged around before you have to quit?  You have to let him win, after all.... 

Well, suppose he could play tug-o-war by himself?   Or with another dog?  Introducing... Tuggo™!

The new Tuggo is just the toy to give your pup the challenge she needs.  She can tug this weighted ball around and you get to determine how much weight it appropriate to adequately challenge her.  The Tuggo, you see, can be filled with up to 20 pounds of water, enough for even very large dogs to drag around.



Tuggo (tug-o-war) dog toyTuggo (tug-o-war) dog toy


Tuggo is great fun for two dogs!: image via is great fun for two dogs!: image via

Dogs enjoy playing tug-o-war with other dogs too!  And the Tuggo provides 4 feet of heavy cotton rope for them to tug. Watch this cute commercial for the Tuggo to get the picture!


Live dog-action videos of dogs playing with Tuggo can be found on the Tuggo website.  You can purchase Tuggo in blue, red, or green from


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