Introducing a Totally Hands Free Umbrella -- Nubrella

Ever wish you had an umbrella that was totally hands free?

Alan KaufmanAlan Kaufman"I never planned on inventing a product I just noticed a problem and came up with a solution" Alan Kaufman.

So said the inventor of Nubrella , which basically is named for new+umbrella, billed to be the ultimate weather protector. It is the first truly hands free umbrella in the world. The creator claims that it stops rain, wind, snow and extreme cold- and keeps your head, face and shoulders dry.

Nubrella is Hand's FreeNubrella is Hand's Free

The idea for the invention all began one windy day in December 2002 when Alan was standing in one of his wireless stores in lower Manhattan. Mr. Kaufman began to observe people's umbrellas inverting and the constant struggles to maintain their umbrella in the proper position.

It was at that moment an image popped into the mind of this inventor. Immediately he ran over to a desk and drew that image and thus nubrella was born!

The patent pending "shoulder straps" and "offset handle" of the Nubrella ensures that one can be completely hands free. So talking on the cell-phone or sipping a hot cup of coffee while walking in the rain will not only be possible, it will be probable with the Nubrella.


The Nubrella also promises to never invert in a wind, so no more sudden drenchings.

Exploiting the fundamental flaws of today's traditional umbrella design, the new oval, streamlined and aerodynamic design is far safer and more reliable as it has no sharp points, poles or rods. Another cool feature of the Nubrella is that you don't hold it, like a normal umbrella, you wear it.

All this for a meager US$60.

The only other feature I could possibly ask for is a couples version...Mr. Kaufman are you listening?

UPDATE: There are lots of new hands free umbrellas now on the market. You can see a wide selection of hands free umbrellas here.  

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Mar 18, 2008
by Anonymous

this is not new

i find this hard to believe as an invention. we used to make fun of my grandmother's version of this back in the early 70s.

Alan Kaufman you are a fraud.

Mar 18, 2008
by Myra Per-Lee

It is new to commerce.

Do you think Mr. Kaufman stole this idea from your grandmother?

The issue is not whether your grandmother made something like this for herself; the issue is about "first use in commerce." If aspects of the invention have not been disclosed publicly prior to Mr. Kaufman's patent application, it's all fair game.

And the fact that more than one person may have had the same idea, no matter how long ago, is irrelevant.

Great find, Aditi!

Mar 24, 2008
by Anonymous

no its not new.

yeah, she bought it -- no way she made it.

the application for patent will fail.

Jul 25, 2008
by Anonymous

Idea for Umbrella

I have an idea for a kind of umbrella I've never seen for sale and would like to market. How would I do that?

Nov 2, 2008
by Anonymous

brella bag

Did you say you have an invention for holding an umbrella? You mentioned "brella bag" but I actually already have a patent on a hands free umbrella holder called a brella bag. Can you explain yours?

Dec 14, 2008
by Anonymous


Hands-free umbrella fantastic!!

In the past I had that idea.. but now is true
Congratulations Mr. Kaufman,

Mary Moreno